Nitro Star F4.6 V2 Nitro-Motor mit Seilzugstarter

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The F4.6 V2 features a new crankcase and heatsink design with larger heatsink fins for improved cooling. This new design also makes the engine 37g lighter and 12mm shorter. A new pullstart utilises a one-way bearing encased in a large 14mm hex for increased durability. The F4.6 is the powerplant responsible for the immense speeds and raw torque in the Savage X 4.6, and now it's available to fit into any Savage or big-block monster truck! It features all the race tuning you could ever want in a big-block monster truck engine, fantastic good looks and plenty of attitude! With 2.9 horsepower on tap, it really is true that there's no replacement for displacement! With 8-port race tuning, you get a huge powerband through the entire rev range, all the way up to 32,000RPM! The composite 7.5mm carb is heat-resistant for consistent tuning as the engine warms up. Technical specifications: Glow Plug: Cold R5 (HPI #1504) Displacement: 4.6cc Bore: 18.68mm Stroke: 16.6mm Power: 2.9hp @ 32,000RPM Carburettor: F1-7.5 (Composite 7.5mm)

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